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Since 1993, RWJF has funded over 175 projects in over 90 categories related to health, health care and policy development. Project topics range from health risk, disease prevention, and determinants of health, to public health policy, health care reform, quality of care, and many others. To learn more about specific projects, select an Investigator, award year, or category below.

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Title Award Year Investigator Categories
The Price Per Pound: Using Economics to Understand and Reverse the Obesity Epidemic 2013 John Cawley Nutrition and Obesity
First the ICU, then Hospice 2013 Joan Teno End of Life Care
Consigned to Illness: Individual and Community Models of Socioeconomic Status and Health 2013 Ed Yelin Population Health, Social Determinants of Health
A Case-Based Approach to the Ethical and Policy Issues Raised by Living Donor Transplantation 2013 Lainie Friedman Ross Organ Donation and Transplantation, Ethical Dilemmas and Resource Allocation
Long Term Resilience and Recovery from Disasters 2013 Jean Rhodes, Mary Waters Disaster Management and Policy
Mood and Behavior Disorders in Children and Adolescents - Past, Present, and Future 2013 Laura Hirshbein Mental Health, Child Health, Adolescent Health
Infertility and Assisted Reproduction from the Development of in vitro Fertilization to the Present: Medicine, Culture, Policy, and Practice 2013 Margaret Marsh, Wanda Ronner Women's Health, History of Medicine and Health Care
How Cultures of Medication are Made: Production of Race, Ethnicity and Class in Pharmaceutical Marketing 2013 Helena Hansen Pharmaceutical Policy, Race and Health
Gatekeepers at Life's End: Surrogate Decision Making in Intensive Care 2011 Susan Shapiro End of Life Care
Intellectual Disability and the American Medical Welfare State 2011 Harold Pollack Disabilities
Marriage, Gender and Health in Lesbian, Gay and Heterosexual Couples 2011 Debra Umberson Gender Studies, LGBT Health
Reengineering the Value Chain of Pharmaceutical Innovation 2011 Anthony So Pharmaceutical Policy
Regional Variations in End of Life Care and Costs: Cultures of Medicine or Structures of Caregiving? 2011 Carla Keirns End of Life Care
The Impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on Americans' Support for Health Care Reform and Policy Sustainability 2011 Suzanne Mettler Health Reform
Translating Research Into Health Benefits: Returning Research Results & Incidental Findings 2011 Susan Wolf Medical Ethics, Human Subjects Research
Collaboration through Avatars: Disability and Community in Virtual Worlds of Second Life 2011 Eiko Ikegami Disabilities
Medicalizing Patient Safety 2009 Kathleen Sutcliffe, Robert Wears Patient Safety
Neighborhood Effects on Health 2009 Greg Duncan, Jens Ludwig Neighborhood Health
Neighborhood Disadvantage and Health: A Lifecourse Perspective 2009 S.V. Subramanian Neighborhood Health, Life Course
Race Differences in Physical and Mental Health Disparities: Biological Mechanisms and Behavioral Change 2009 James Jackson Health Disparities, Mental Health
Sources of Transformative Innovation in Medication Development 2009 Aaron Kesselheim Pharmaceutical Policy
The Politics of Relative Values: Physicians and Medicare Fees 2009 Miriam Laugesen Medicare
The Effects of Incarceration on the Health of Individuals, Families, and Communities 2009 Jason Schnittker, Chris Uggen Prison Health
A Prescription for a Healthy Childhood: A History of Children and Pharmaceuticals in the United States 2009 Cynthia Connolly Pharmaceutical Policy, Child Health
From the Curative Asylum to the Broken System: Understanding Hopes and Realities in Mental Health System Transformation 2009 Joel Braslow, John Brekke Mental Health
Genomics, Medicine and Race: Political Valences and Health Policy Implications 2009 Jennifer Hochschild Genetics, Health Disparities
ADHD Medication in America: Society, Schools, and Public Policy 2008 Richard Scheffler, Stephen Hinshaw Pharmaceutical Policy, Child Health
After the Walls Came Tumbling Down: The Health Legacy of the 1960s Civil Rights Era in a Southern Community 2008 Sherman James History of Medicine and Public Health
Analyzing the Relationship Among Early Childhood Conditions, Reproduction of Socioeconomic Inequalities and Adult Health Disparities 2008 Alberto Palloni, Carolina Milesi Health Disparities
Health, Hardship, and Renewal: Economic Strategies among Black Women Living with HIV/AIDS 2008 Celeste Watkins-Hayes AIDS/HIV
Inadequate Medical Evidence: Political Incentives and the Prospects for Sustainable Reform 2008 Alan Gerber, Eric Patashnik Evidence-Based Medicine
Mobilizing Citizen Support for Climate Stabilization and Adaptation Policies 2008 Edward Maibach, Matthew Nisbet Climate Change
On the Content of our Character: The Myth of Meritocracy and African American Health 2008 Naa Oyo Kwate, Ilan Meyer Health Disparities
The Diet-Health Nexus: Communicating Emerging Evidence 2008 William Hallman, Neal Hooker Food Policy
The Making and Unmaking of Alzheimers Disease 2008 Jason Karlawish Alzheimer's Disease
The Sweetening of a Nation: The History, Politics and Health Effects of Sugar and High-Fructose Corn Syrup 2008 Gary Taubes History of Medicine and Public Health, Food Policy
Curbing the Use of Medical Imaging: Searching for Efficient Technology Utilization in a Fee-for-Service World 2007 Frank Levy Evidence-Based Medicine, Technology
Emotional Adaptation and the Goals of Health Care Policy 2007 Peter Ubel Ethical Dilemmas and Resource Allocation
History Informing Public Health Preparedness Policy in the 21st Century: A Qualitative Study of Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions and Community Experiences during the 1918-1919 Influenza Pandemic 2007 Howard Markel, Alexandra Minna Stern History of Medicine and Public Health, Public Health Strategies
Hospitalists and American Medicine: A Quantitative History of a New Medical Specialty 2007 David Meltzer Health Professions, History of Medicine and Public Health
Improving the Evidence Base for Invasive Therapeutic Procedures 2007 Carol Ashton, Nelda Wray Evidence-Based Medicine
Medicaid: Political Durability, Democratic Process and Health Care Reform 2007 Frank Thompson Health Reform, Medicaid
Race Consciousness in Biomedicine, Law, and Social Policy 2007 Dorothy Roberts Health Care Law
Responding Justly to Patients Harmed by Medical Care: Disclosure, Compensation, and Litigation 2007 Thomas Gallagher, Michelle Mello Malpractice
The Rise and Fall of Cardiac Revascularization: Therapeutic Evolution and Health Policy in the Late Twentieth Century 2007 David Jones Evidence-Based Medicine
Toward the Healthy City: Urban Planning and Policy for Healthy People and Places 2007 Jason Corburn Urban Health
Transformation of Government Health Care: Experience of the New Veterans Health Administration 2007 Shoou-Yih Daniel Lee, Bryan Weiner Health Reform, Quality of Care
Improving the Cancer Care Experience for Rare Cancer Survivors 2006 Amy Dockser Marcus Cancer
Minds Apart: Severe Brain Injury and Health Policy 2006 Joseph Fins Disabilities, Public Health Strategies
Practice Politics: History of Nursing 1975 to the Present 2006 Julie Fairman Health Professions/Workforce, Nursing
Prenatal Care: Wise or Wasteful? 2006 John Lantos, Diane Lauderdale Maternal and Child Health
Quality at a Price: Theory, Evidence and Policy Implications of a Pay-for-Performance Strategy 2006 Gary Young Payment Methods
The Political Economy of the National Institutes of Health 2006 Bhaven Sampat Government Agencies, Innovation and R&D
Understanding the Complex Causes of Population Health 2006 Sandro Galea, George Kaplan Population Health, Social Determinants of Health
What's Fair in Health Care? Thinking with Americans about Health and Health Care Inequalities 2006 Julia Lynch Health Disparities, Social Equity
Direct-to-Consumer Advertising: Do Television Pharmaceutical Ads Prompt More Than Just Prescription Requests? 2006 Dominick Frosch, Jose Pagan Pharmaceutical Policy, Consumerism
Handoffs in Hospitals: Research for the Design of Better Practices 2006 Michael Cohen Patient Safety
Has The Revolution Come and Gone? The Societal Value of New Psychotropic Drugs 2006 Haiden Huskamp Mental Health, Comparative Effectiveness Research
Immigration and the Health Care System: An Institutional Analysis 2006 Alejandro Portes Immigrant Health
Disasters, Recovery and Health Care for Disadvantaged Urban Populations 2005 David McBride Urban Health, Disaster Management and Policy
Ethnicity, Social Class and the Primary Care Medical Visit: The Process of Provider-Patient Communication 2005 M. Robin DiMatteo Patient Empowerment, Physician-Patient Relationship
Explaining Elevated Health Risks of the Black Middle Class 2005 Pamela Braboy Jackson Health Disparities, Minority Health
Healthy Adolescent Relationships: Temporal Dynamics, Normative Scripts and the Transition to Sex 2005 Hannah Bruckner, Peter Bearman Adolescent Health
Heel Sticks and Amnios: Disjunctures and Discrepancies in Prenatal and Newborn Genetic Screening 2005 Rachel Grob, Barbara Katz Rothman Genetics, Medical Ethics
Manacled Competition: Limiting Health Insurance Choices 2005 Yaniv Hanoch, Thomas Rice Medicare, Managed Care
Productivity and Technology Diffusion in Health Care 2005 Jonathan Skinner Cost Containment, Medical Technology
Restarting a Stalled Policy Revolution: Patient Safety, System Error and Professional Responsibility 2005 Charles Bosk Patient Safety
Synthesizing Lessons for Drug Policy and Policy Research 2005 Jonathan Caulkins Drug Policy
The Medicare Modernization Act of 2003: Ideologies, Interests, and Policy Feedbacks in the Contemporary Politics of Medicare 2005 Andrea Louise Campbell, Kimberly Morgan Medicare, Politics and Policymaking
Use of Racial/Ethnic Identity in Medical Evaluations and Treatments 2005 Richard Cooper, Jay Kaufman Genetics, Racial Identity
Expanding Arenas: A Political History of Modern U.S. Health Policy 2004 Lawrence Brown History of Health Policy and Public Health, Politics and Policymaking
Federalism and Strategies for Reform in American Health Policy 2004 Margaret Weir Interest Groups, Politics and Policymaking
Improving the Performance of Performance Reporting and Quality-Based Purchasing Initiatives 2004 R. Adams Dudley Payment Methods, Performance and Outcome Measurement
Public Interest and Private Policy: The Cesarean Imperative in U.S. Maternity Care 2004 Eugene Declercq Maternal and Child Health
Race, Politics and Adolescent Health: Understanding the Health Attitudes and Behaviors of African American Youth 2004 Cathy Cohen Adolescent Health, Race and Health
Reconfiguring the US Health Care System: Function, Form, and Feasibility 2004 Harold Luft Health Reform, Healthcare Organization
The Health of Mexican Immigrants in the United States: Acculturation or Cohort Effects? 2004 José Escarce, Leo Morales Health Disparities, Minority Health
The Law and Ethics of Consumer-Directed Health Care 2004 Carl Schneider, Mark Hall Health Care Law
The Community Context of Well Being: A Longitudinal Study of Social Mechanisms and Neighborhood Processes 2004 Robert Sampson Neighborhood Health, Social Determinants of Health
Explaining the Limited Size of the Private Long-Term Care Insurance Market: The Effect of Public Insurance and Tax Policy 2003 Jeffrey Brown, Amy Finkelstein Health Insurance, Long-Term Care
Famous Patients: "N of 1" Cases and Health Policy Debates 2003 Barron Lerner History of Medicine and Health Care
Fetal Personhood: The Raw Edge of Obstetrical Practice and Ethics 2003 Elizabeth Armstrong Medical Ethics, Maternal and Child Health
Medical Malpractice in Crisis 2003 Frank Sloan Medical malpractice
Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Mental Health: A National Study of Unmet Need 2003 Harold Neighbors Health Disparities, Mental Health
Reputation and Regulation: A Study of Pharmaceutical Policy at the FDA 2003 Daniel Carpenter Pharmaceutical Policy, Government Agencies
Social Isolation in American Life 2003 Eric Klinenberg Mental Health
The Challenge of Living Organ Donors to Social and Health Policy 2003 David Rothman, Sheila Rothman Ethical Dilemmas and Resource Allocation, Organ Donation and Transplantation
Care With Constraints: The Efficient Production of Health 2003 Alan Garber Health Economics
Against All Odds: Health Care Reform in the States 2002 Virginia Gray, David Lowery Health Reform, Interest Groups
Can Private Purchasers Cross the Quality Chasm? Learning from the Leaders 2002 Dennis Scanlon Quality of Care, Payment Methods
Dynamics of Economic Disadvantage and Child Health Development 2002 J. Lawrence Aber, Mary Clare Lennon Child Health, Poverty and Health
Health Care and the American Presidency 2002 David Blumenthal, James Morone Government Agencies, Politics and Policymaking
Impatient Consumers: Consumer Culture and the Making of Modern American Medicine 2002 Nancy Tomes History of Medicine and Health Care, Consumerism
Inter-Governmental Health Care Partnerships: Promoting Innovation, Inefficiency or Stalemate? 2002 Michael Sparer Government Agencies, Politics and Policymaking
Mapping the Organizational, Professional and Legal Challenges of New Information Technologies 2002 Mark Suchman Health Information Technology
Race and Health across the Twentieth Century 2002 Dora Costa Health Disparities, Race and Health
The Impact of Gene Patents on the Delivery of Health Care Services 2002 Lori Andrews Genetics, Health Care Law
The Health and Social Consequences of Alcohol Taxation and Control 2002 Philip Cook History of Health Policy and Public Health, Alcohol Policy
The Impact of Commercialization on Academic Health Research 2002 Daniel Greenberg Health Services Research
The Un-Natural History of Public Health: From Epidemics and Injuries to Chronic Illness and Bio-Terrorism 2002 Gerald Markowitz, David Rosner Public Health Strategies, History of Health Policy and Public Health
A History of the Right to Health Care 2001 Beatrix Hoffman Ethics, History of Health Policy and Public Health
An Individual and Population Lifecourse Approach to the Determinants of Health 2001 George Davey Smith, John Lynch Life Course, Population Health
Human Subjects Protection as Regulation: A Comparative, Empirical View 2001 Scott Burris, Zita Lazzarini Human Subjects Research
Nation-States and Population Health 2001 Stephen Kunitz Government Agencies, Population Health
Pain as Policy: The Social Negotiation of Pain in Medicine, Culture, and Public Policy in Post WWII America 2001 Keith Wailoo Health Disparities, History of Medicine and Health Care
Privacy and Surveillance: The History and Politics of Public Health Reporting 2001 Ronald Bayer, Amy Fairchild Public Health Strategies, History of Health Policy and Public Health
Rules Over Policy: The Impact of the Federal Budget Process on the Modernization of American Public Health 2001 Timothy Westmoreland Politics and Policymaking
Rural Models for American Health Care: Is Our Problem the Solution? 2001 George Wright, Ira Moscovice Healthcare Organization, Rural Health
Social Contagion of Adolescent Violence 2001 Jeffrey Fagan Adolescent Health, Violence
Crossing the Threshold: How Experimental Medical Technology Becomes Standard Care 2000 Richard Deyo, Donald Patrick Comparative Effectiveness Research, Medical Technology
Health in Marriage: Policy Implications of Spousal Illness and Death 2000 Nicholas Christakis Family Health, Social Support
Human Experimentation and Public Policy 2000 Sydney Halpern Human Subjects Research, Medical Ethics
Nonprofit, For-Profit, and Governmental Provision of Health Care: Does Institutional Form Matter? 2000 Burton Weisbrod Healthcare Organization
Political Analysis: Applications to Health Care and Health Policy 2000 Rudolf Klein, Theodore Marmor Comparative Healthcare Systems, Politics and Policymaking
Root Shock: The Consequences of African American Dispossession 2000 Mindy Fullilove Health Disparities, Urban Health
The Construction of Health Risk and the Demand for Disease Prevention, 1945-2000 2000 Robert Aronowitz History of Medicine and Health Care, Disease Prevention
The Influence of History and Tradition on Public Health Strategies: A Nationally Comparative Approach to the AIDS Epidemic 2000 Peter Baldwin Public Health Strategies, Comparative Healthcare Systems
Understanding Health Disparities from an Economic Perspective 2000 James Foster Health Disparities, Social Determinants of Health
With the Help of Their Friends: Lobbyists and Legislators in Health Policymaking 2000 Richard Hall Interest Groups, Politics and Policymaking
Civil Rights and the American Health Care System: Conceptualizing a Law and Policy Framework in the New Health Environment for Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act 2000 Sara Rosenbaum, Joel Teitelbaum Health Care Law, History of Health Policy and Public Health
Care, Work, and Citizenship 1999 Deborah Stone Social Support
Conceptualizing the Social, Economic, and Cultural Issues Underlying Health Care Outcomes 1999 Thomas Croghan, Bernice Pescosolido Performance and Outcome Measurement
Development of a Typology of Risk for Child Health: The Intersection of Social and Medical Factors 1999 Laurie Bauman, Ruth Stein Child Health
Family, Community, and Health 1999 Dalton Conley Child Health, Family Health
Health and Megacities: A Neglected Dimension of U.S. Health Policy 1999 Victor Rodwin Urban Health, Comparative Healthcare Systems
Implementing and Sustaining Change in Health Care Organizations 1999 Gloria Bazzoli, Lawton Burns Healthcare Organization
Inter-Ethnic Violence in Inner-City Schools: An Analysis of Its Causes and Consequences as Well as Public Health & Law Enforcement Approaches to Reduce It 1999 Martin Sanchez-Jankowski Education and Health, Violence
National Health Insurance and American Exceptionalism: A Comparative Historical Analysis 1999 Jill Quadagno Comparative Healthcare Systems, Health Insurance
Public Policies, Private Policies, and the Organization of Physician Practice 1999 Lawrence Casalino Physician Practice Arrangements
Race, Racism, and American Medicine 1999 Vanessa Northington Gamble Food Policy, End of Life Care
The Future of Public Hospitals and Clinics 1999 Jack Needleman Access, Safety Net
Children's Health Policy: Actors, Issues, and Process 1998 Kay Johnson, Alice Sardell Child Health
Competing on Quality of Care: Comparing Antitrust Law to Market Reality 1998 Peter Hammer, William Sage Health Care Law, Quality of Care
Contested Illnesses: Disputes over Environmentally Induced Disease 1998 Phil Brown Environmental Health
Hospital Restructuring: Implications for Patient Outcomes and Workforce Policy 1998 Linda Aiken AIDS/HIV, Healthcare Organization
National Policies Governing Health Research 1998 Robert Cook-Deegan Government Agencies, Health Services Research
Partially Managed Competition: How Much is Enough? 1998 Richard Kronick Healthcare Markets, Managed Care
Poverty and Inequality in Mortality: Individual Behavior, Societal Solutions 1998 Harriet Duleep Poverty and Health
Toward Error-Free Medicine: New Policies for Health Care 1998 Lucian Leape Patient Safety, Quality of Care
Transforming Long-Term Care Toward Consumer Goals: Shifting the Policy Debate and Stimulating Change 1998 Rosalie Kane Long-Term Care
Changes in Health Status for Children With Chronic Health Conditions: Perspective on the Dynamics of Changing Scientific Knowledge, Services and Policy 1997 Steven Gortmaker, James Perrin Child Health, Chronic Health Conditions
Firearms and Public Health 1997 David Hemenway Public Health Strategies, Violence
From Targeting to Universalism? The Limits and Possibilities of Institutional Change in the Medicaid Program 1997 Colleen Grogan Medicaid, Health Insurance
Limit-Setting in Managed Care and Other Health Delivery Systems: Legitimacy, Fair Process, and the Goals of Health Care Reform 1997 Norman Daniels Ethical Dilemmas and Resource Allocation, Managed Care
Social Equity, Group Identity, and the Medical Management of Difference 1997 Steven Epstein Human Subjects Research, Social Equity
Specialization in American Medicine 1997 Rosemary Stevens History of Medicine and Health Care
The Impact of Growing Income and Wealth Inequality on Health in the United States 1997 Peter Arno Health Disparities, Poverty and Health
Weathering Among African Americans in Persistent Poverty: Implications for Health Policy 1997 Arline Geronimus Life Course, Minority Health
Technology and Health Policy in the U.S. and England, 1925-1995 1996 Joel Howell Aging, Social Determinants of Health
The Corporate Consolidation of American Managed Care 1996 Bradford Gray Healthcare Organization, Managed Care
When Walking Fails 1996 Lisa Iezzoni Disabilities
Income Inequality, Social Capital, and Health: A New Synthesis 1996 Ichiro Kawachi, Bruce Kennedy Poverty and Health, Social Determinants of Health
Integration of Long-Term Care into the Mainstream: The Case of Nursing Homes 1996 Vincent Mor, Jacqueline Zinn Healthcare Organization, Long-Term Care
Organizational Structures, Cultures, and System Aspects of Safety in Tertiary Health Care: A Comparison with Other High Risk-Industries 1996 David Gaba Patient Safety, Healthcare Organization
Rationality and Consent in the New Medical Marketplace 1996 M. Gregg Bloche Ethical Dilemmas and Resource Allocation, Healthcare Markets
Social Inequalities in Aging and Health 1996 James House Aging, Social Determinants of Health
Health Policy and the Creation, Distribution and Destruction of Value in the Changing Health Care Market 1995 J.B. Silvers Healthcare Organization, Healthcare Markets
How Well Does Employment-Based Health Insurance Pool Risk? 1995 Mark Pauly Health Insurance, Healthcare Markets
How Inner-City Decay Affects Metropolitan Regions and the Nation 1995 Rodrick Wallace Urban Health
The Employer-Based Health Insurance System 1995 Sherry Glied Health Insurance, Healthcare Markets
The Role of the Courts in Shaping Health Policy 1995 Peter Jacobson Health Care Law
The Concept of Fundamental Causes in Explaining Social Inequities in Health 1995 Bruce Link, Jo Phelan Poverty and Health, Social Determinants of Health
Why New and Resurgent Infectious Diseases Caught Public Health by Surprise and a Strategy to Prevent This 1995 Tamara Awerbuch, Richard Levins Public Health Strategies
Accountable Health Care: Competing Interests, Goals and Policy Approaches 1994 Marc Rodwin Healthcare Organization, Managed Care
Antitrust Policy and the Transformation of Health Care Markets 1994 Martin Gaynor, Deborah Haas-Wilson Healthcare Markets
Disease Prevention as Social Change: A Comparative Study of Public Health Policymaking in the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, and France 1994 Constance Nathanson Comparative Healthcare Systems, History of Health Policy and Public Health
Dynamic Institutions and National Health Care Policy Making 1994 Mark Peterson History of Health Policy and Public Health, Politics and Policymaking
Economic Constraints, Trust and Evolving Patient-Provider Relationships 1994 David Mechanic Ethical Dilemmas and Resource Allocation, Physician-Patient Relationship
Ethics and Allocation: The Foundations of American Health Care Policy 1994 Ruth Faden, G. Madison Powers Ethical Dilemmas and Resource Allocation
Inequality and Health: Patterns and Dynamics 1994 David Williams Social Determinants of Health
Moralism, Politics, and the Construction of Health Policy 1994 James Morone History of Health Policy and Public Health, Politics and Policymaking
The Racial Segregation of Health Care in the United States: Assessing the Legacy, Impact and Remedies 1994 David Smith Race and Health
The Nature, Evolution, and Implications of Tobacco Policy in the United States 1994 Kenneth Warner History of Health Policy and Public Health, Tobacco Policy
An Institutional Economics of Health Care System Integration 1993 James Robinson Healthcare Organization
Democracy, Leadership and Health Care 1993 Lawrence Jacobs Politics and Policymaking, Public Opinion
Development and Evaluation of an Integrated Theoretical Model of Changes in the Organization of Medical Care 1993 W. Richard Scott Healthcare Organization
Health Care Reforms in the United States: Institutions, Alliances, and Policy Feedbacks 1993 Theda Skocpol Health Reform, History of Health Policy and Public Health
Integrating Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Services into Health Care 1993 Richard Frank, Thomas McGuire Mental Health, Substance Abuse
Measuring Medicine: A Critical Assessment of the Application of Medical Quality Research to Patient Care 1993 Michael Millenson Quality of Care
Medical Technology in an Era of Limits 1993 Annetine Gelijns Cost Containment, Medical Technology
Metaphors and Health Policy: The Influence of Public Values and Perception on Policymaking 1993 Mark Schlesinger Public Values and Attitudes
Public Entrepreneurship and Health Policy Innovation 1993 Thomas Oliver Entrepreneurship, Innovation and R&D
Toward a Women's Health Policy: Exploring Gender Issues in U.S. Health Care 1993 Carol Weisman Women's Health