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What's Fair in Health Care? Thinking with Americans about Health and Health Care Inequalities

Award Year: 2006 Investigator: Julia Lynch
Many inequalities are evident in the health of Americans and in the U.S. health care system. Whites live longer than African Americans. People who earn lower incomes and work for small businesses are less likely to have health insurance coverage through their employer. Some people receive high-quality medical care while others don't. Yet little is known about how Americans view these inequalities and the policies that might reduce them. Julia F. Lynch, Ph.D.

Social Equity, Group Identity, and the Medical Management of Difference

Award Year: 1997 Investigator: Steven Epstein
Federal policy changes, which include greater numbers of women and racial minorities in government-funded clinical trials, were designed to improve the health of these groups. Dr. Epstein explores the origins and consequences of incorporating gender and race variables into the design and evaluation of NIH-funded clinical trials and in trials of new drugs submitted for FDA approval.