Project Categories

Translating Research Into Health Benefits: Returning Research Results & Incidental Findings

Award Year: 2011 Investigator: Susan Wolf
Tremendous debate surrounds the question of whether researchers have a duty to offer research participants incidental findings (IFs) or individual research results (IRRs) of potential health importance that are discovered in the course of conducting the research. When neuroscience researchers obtain an MRI scan of the brain, they risk stumbling upon a brain tumor or other IF of potential life-and-death significance.

Heel Sticks and Amnios: Disjunctures and Discrepancies in Prenatal and Newborn Genetic Screening

Award Year: 2005 Investigator: Rachel Grob, Barbara Katz Rothman
Genetics and genetic testing are often discussed as revolutionizing modern medicine, but so far this revolution has largely occurred in the world of medical care for pregnant women and newborns. Co-investigators Barbara Katz Rothman, Ph.D. and Rachel Grob, Ph.D. examine the expansion of genetic screening and testing for pregnant women and newborns, the differences between optional services and mandatory screening requirements, and the unintended consequences of screening and testing.

Fetal Personhood: The Raw Edge of Obstetrical Practice and Ethics

Award Year: 2003 Investigator: Elizabeth Armstrong
For her Investigator Award project, Fetal Personhood: The Raw Edge of Obstetrical Practice and Ethics, Dr. Elizabeth Armstrong examines the controversial notion of the fetus as person and the implications of this concept for pregnant women and the doctors who care for them.

Human Experimentation and Public Policy

Award Year: 2000 Investigator: Sydney Halpern
Controversy surrounding federally mandated oversight of human-subjects research has redoubled in recent years as news of regulatory problems receive increased public attention. Advocates continue to call for reform and changes, yet neither scholarship nor public discourse has offered much insight into the sources of recurrent controversies. Dr.