Project Categories

Toward the Healthy City: Urban Planning and Policy for Healthy People and Places

Award Year: 2007 Investigator: Jason Corburn
Although the fields of urban planning and public health worked together in the 19th century to improve the health and well-being of poor American city dwellers, today's urban land-use decisions are no longer driven by public health and social justice concerns. Jason Corburn, Ph.D., is interested in how the two fields might be reconnected to encourage the development of healthier and more just cities.

Disasters, Recovery and Health Care for Disadvantaged Urban Populations

Award Year: 2005 Investigator: David McBride
As Hurricane Katrina so bluntly demonstrated, natural disasters take their heaviest toll on the lives and health of minorities and the poor. David McBride, Ph.D., M.Phil. studies the impact of recent disasters on the health and health care of poor and underserved populations in major U.S. cities.

Root Shock: The Consequences of African American Dispossession

Award Year: 2000 Investigator: Mindy Fullilove
Title I of the Housing Act of 1949 was an important federal initiative that funded urban revitalization. Directed at older, core city neighborhoods, these urban renewal projects disproportionately affected African Americans. Dr. Fullilove's project explores the contribution of spatial dislocation policies to current health disparities.

Health and Megacities: A Neglected Dimension of U.S. Health Policy

Award Year: 1999 Investigator: Victor Rodwin
This project undertakes a comparative analysis of public health infrastructure, health care delivery systems, and health in the four principal mega-cities of the industrially advanced world. Dr.

How Inner-City Decay Affects Metropolitan Regions and the Nation

Award Year: 1995 Investigator: Rodrick Wallace
Research shows that inner city problems such as AIDS, tuberculosis, and violent crime are not contained within disintegrating urban minority communities where they are most concentrated. Rather, they diffuse outward along the commuting field connecting the city to the suburbs and the suburbs with each other. Dr.