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Neighborhood Disadvantage and Health: A Lifecourse Perspective

Award Year: 2009 Investigator: S.V. Subramanian
Although health outcomes vary dramatically across neighborhoods, we lack an in-depth understanding of the inter-relationship between neighborhood environments and the health of their residents. In an effort to grasp this, S. V.

An Individual and Population Lifecourse Approach to the Determinants of Health

Award Year: 2001 Investigator: George Davey Smith, John Lynch
Drs. Lynch and Smith will develop an individual and population lifecourse framework to better understand the two dominant features of population health - widening disparities existing simultaneously with overall improvements. Through analyses conducted at the individual, regional (states and regions within the U.S.

Weathering Among African Americans in Persistent Poverty: Implications for Health Policy

Award Year: 1997 Investigator: Arline Geronimus
Rates of early health deterioration and excess mortality among African Americans in poverty can be staggering and are primarily attributable to chronic disease. Dr. Geronimus coined the term weathering to suggest that cumulative experience with social inequality and stressful environments contributes to this rapid health decline.