Project Categories

Consigned to Illness: Individual and Community Models of Socioeconomic Status and Health

Award Year: 2013 Investigator: Ed Yelin
The observation that persons of low socioeconomic status (SES) experience poorer health outcomes has been an important focus of research and health policy for several decades, but the gap has not narrowed during this time.

Understanding the Complex Causes of Population Health

Award Year: 2006 Investigator: Sandro Galea, George Kaplan
What really determines whether a population is healthy? Although our knowledge about biological processes, environmental conditions, and socioeconomic factors has expanded enormously, we are not yet able to put the pieces of the health puzzle together.

An Individual and Population Lifecourse Approach to the Determinants of Health

Award Year: 2001 Investigator: George Davey Smith, John Lynch
Drs. Lynch and Smith will develop an individual and population lifecourse framework to better understand the two dominant features of population health - widening disparities existing simultaneously with overall improvements. Through analyses conducted at the individual, regional (states and regions within the U.S.

Nation-States and Population Health

Award Year: 2001 Investigator: Stephen Kunitz
This project will explore how the standard of living debate and the consequences of modernization on traditional communities affect our understanding of the determinants of mortality. Improvements in the health of populations over the past few centuries have frequently been attributed to the rising standard of living, even though mortality in Europe began to decline before socioeconomic status had risen appreciably. Dr.