Project Categories

A Case-Based Approach to the Ethical and Policy Issues Raised by Living Donor Transplantation

Award Year: 2013 Investigator: Lainie Friedman Ross
The purpose of the research is to explore the ethical and policy issues raised by transplantation with living donors.

The Challenge of Living Organ Donors to Social and Health Policy

Award Year: 2003 Investigator: David Rothman, Sheila Rothman
A decade ago, most transplants were performed using organs from people immediately after death. Now, especially in the field of kidney transplantation, nearly half of the organs used for transplants in the U.S. come from living donors. Sheila M. Rothman, Ph.D. and David J. Rothman, Ph.D. address the meaning and policy implications of this new reliance on living organ donors for patients, families, physicians, and the general public.