Vincent Mor Ph.D.

Florence Pirce Grant Professor of Community Health
Department of Community Health
Brown University
Email: Discipline: Health Services Research Expertise: Long-Term Care, Organization of Care

Investigator Award
Integration of Long-Term Care into the Mainstream: The Case of Nursing Homes
Award Year: 1996 Few integrated delivery systems, products of the consolidation of health care delivery and financing, have focused on the role of long-term care (LTC) in general, and nursing homes in particular. Yet many nursing facilities across the nation are contracting with managed care organizations. Drs. Mor and Zinn chronicle how nursing home providers are adapting to changes in the environment and measure the effects on patient care. Their project: 1) documents the rise of integrated delivery systems that include traditional LTC providers and their influence on system policy decisions; 2) determines whether such systems accelerate differentiation of services in nursing homes (e.g., sub-acute care and rehabilitation units); 3) identifies access and quality consequences for Medicaid recipients in nursing homes; and 4) recommends options for organizing care and minimizing service delivery disruptions associated with developing Medicare/Medicaid managed care for the elderly and disabled, especially those who are poor.


Vincent Mor is the Florence Pirce Grant Professor of Community Health in the Public Health Program of the Brown University School of Medicine and served as Chair of the Department of Community Health from 1996 until 2010. Dr. Mor has been on the faculty of the department of community health since 1981 as a research assistant professor, becoming tenured in 1987. He formerly served as the director of the Brown University Center for Gerontology and Health Care Research. Together with Professor Alan Morrison, Dr. Mor began the department's graduate program in 1986 and directed it after Dr. Morrison's death in the early 1990's until becoming chair. Dr. Mor has been principal investigator of more than 20 National Institutes of Health-funded grants focusing on the organizational and health care delivery system factors associated with variation in use of health services and the outcomes frail and chronically ill persons experience. He has had multiple grants from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Pew Memorial Trust, and the Retirement Research Foundation as well as contracts from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation to evaluate the impact of programs and policies in aging and long-term care. Dr. Mor was a member of the Secretary of Health and Human Service's National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics and the Institute of Medicine Committee on Long Term Care Quality. He is a member of the Secretary's Advisory Committee on Health Services Research for the Department of Veteran Affairs. He is currently the chair of the Long Term Care Interest group of AcademyHealth, and is seeking to expand that organization's fostering of research on long-term care. He has published more than 250 peer reviewed articles and numerous books and book chapters on nursing home quality, hospice, physical functioning, long-term care and cancer treatment patterns among the elderly as well as the organization of AIDS health services. He is a fellow of the American Gerontological Society and is on the editorial board of Health Services Research. In 2011, he received a Distinguished Investigator Award from AcademyHealth.