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Ethnicity, Social Class and the Primary Care Medical Visit: The Process of Provider-Patient Communication

Award Year: 2005 Investigator: M. Robin DiMatteo
So much medical information delivered in the mass media - from public health campaigns to drug commercials - concludes by advising the audience to "talk to your doctor." Sounds simple enough, but in fact, research is beginning to suggest that doctor-patient communications can be highly variable, particularly when doctors and patients come from different socio-economic backgrounds. M. Robin DiMatteo, Ph.D.

Economic Constraints, Trust and Evolving Patient-Provider Relationships

Award Year: 1994 Investigator: David Mechanic
The public's trust in physicians is an essential aspect of health care delivery. As tensions grow between new medical possibilities and expenditure limits, innovative mechanisms are needed to settle disputes if litigation and other costly transactions are to be minimized. Dr. Mechanic uses trust as a conceptual frame to understand better evolving structures, possible mediating institutions, and the social and ethical implications of varying models of doctor-patient relationships.