The Corporate Consolidation of American Managed Care

Award Year:
Bradford Gray
Healthcare Organization, Managed Care
Among the most sweeping changes in health care during the last two decades is the horizontal integration of managed care. Over two-thirds of HMOs are now part of for-profit national or multi-plan firms. Dr. Gray examines how the corporate consolidation of the HMO industry has changed responsiveness, power, and accountability in the health care system. He studies: how multi-plan firms are structured and operate at the national, regional and local levels; whether and how ownership affects HMO plan performance and policies (financial performance, enrollee satisfaction, benefits coverage, technology rationing, and community activities); assesses how for-profit versus non-profit status affects the structure and policies of the multi-plan firms and their performance; and the implications of corporate consolidation for state regulatory activities and public policy. His work will provide valuable baseline information for assessing future developments in the field.