National Policies Governing Health Research

Award Year:
Robert Cook-Deegan
Government Agencies, Health Services Research
This project analyzes how national policy decisions are made about health research in the U.S. Dr. Cook-Deegan's work distinguishes health research from other kinds of federal research (e.g., defense, energy, space, environment) and examines how the federal government and the lack of a central research ministry have influenced the direction and size of the research enterprise. He focuses on four areas: citizen advocacy, direct individual engagement in research projects, private firms' dependence on public science, and the mechanisms for translating science into policy. The roles of the National Institutes of Health, private sector players, and other government agencies are also considered. Using case studies of high blood pressure and tobacco control, Dr. Cook-Deegan explores how the health research system affects health with an eye to drawing lessons about its strengths and weaknesses.