Project Categories

The Impact of Commercialization on Academic Health Research

Award Year: 2002 Investigator: Daniel Greenberg
Daniel Greenberg, a guest scholar at The Brookings Institution and a journalist and book author who has covered health policy and politics throughout his career, examines how commercial influences have affected people and programs in academic health research. His project, The Impact of Commercialization on Academic Health Research, takes a fresh look at the variety of effects -good, bad, and uncertain - that have arisen from mixing university science and commerce.

National Policies Governing Health Research

Award Year: 1998 Investigator: Robert Cook-Deegan
This project analyzes how national policy decisions are made about health research in the U.S. Dr. Cook-Deegan's work distinguishes health research from other kinds of federal research (e.g., defense, energy, space, environment) and examines how the federal government and the lack of a central research ministry have influenced the direction and size of the research enterprise.