Firearms and Public Health

Award Year:
David Hemenway
Public Health Strategies, Violence
Firearms are the second leading cause of injury-related death in the U.S. While attention to the problem has increased, the amount of research on the topic lags behind. This project provides new information about gun carrying, storage, brandishing, injuries, the use of guns in self-defense, and the connection between guns and suicide. It also synthesizes new public health literature relevant to firearms policy and analyzes private firearm surveys from college students and adults. Adopting a general public health framework, Dr. Hemenway develops beneficial and feasible firearm policy recommendations, seeking to alter the current social norm which accepts high levels of lethal violence as a part of American life. Findings will provide public health-oriented policy options for gun safety, firearm product oversight, collecting gun injury information, and the roles of the medical community and general public in firearm safety.