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Medicaid: Political Durability, Democratic Process and Health Care Reform

Award Year: 2007 Investigator: Frank Thompson
In the face of mounting pressures to contain health care costs and strongly held partisan views about entitlement programs, what does the future hold for Medicaid? Will Medicaid, which costs more than $300 billion annually and provides coverage to some 55 million low-income Americans, be subjected to deep budget cuts? Or can it resist erosion and perhaps even expand to cover more of the nation's 47 million uninsured? Frank J. Thompson, Ph.D.

From Targeting to Universalism? The Limits and Possibilities of Institutional Change in the Medicaid Program

Award Year: 1997 Investigator: Colleen Grogan
Significant social policy debate focuses on why the U.S. never achieved guaranteed health insurance for all citizens and whether universal or targeted programs are the answer. The typical American approach is to enact targeted programs and then focus on incremental expansions. Thus the crucial policy question is whether targeted programs can transform themselves into programs with universal characteristics. Dr.