Competition / Markets

M. Gregg Bloche

Gregg Bloche is a professor of law at Georgetown University, co-director of the Georgetown-Johns Hopkins Joint Program in Law and Public Health, and visiting fellow at The Brookings Institution and the Harvard Program on Ethics and Health. He received a Guggenheim Fellowship for 2005-06 to examine the roles of medicine in the public sphere. Dr. Bloche teaches and writes on U.S. and international health law and policy.

Lawrence Casalino

Lawrence Casalino is Chief of the Division of Outcomes and Effectiveness Research and Livingston Farrand Professor of Public Health in the Department of Public Health at Weill Cornell Medical College. His background includes 20 years as a family physician in private practice. He holds a doctoral degree in health services research, with a focus on organizational and institutional sociology and economics. Previously, he was an associate professor with the department of health studies at the University of Chicago. Dr.

Martin Gaynor

Martin Gaynor is the Eugene J. Barone Professor of Economics and Health Policy at Carnegie Mellon University and a research associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research and the Centre for Market and Public Organisation at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. He has served as a consultant to the Federal Trade Commission, U.S. Department of Justice, and the California Department of Corporations on antitrust issues. He has given testimony before the Federal Trade Commission and U.S.

Mark Hall

Mark A. Hall is the director of the Health Law and Policy Program and the Fred D. and Elizabeth L. Turnage Professor of Law at Wake Forest University, where he has appointments in the Schools of Law, Medicine, and Management. Professor Hall specializes in health care law and public policy, with a focus on economic, regulatory and organizational issues. He received his law degree with highest honors from the University of Chicago, after which he completed an RWJF fellowship program at Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health.

Peter Hammer

Peter J. Hammer is the director of the Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights and a professor at the Wayne State University Law School. Previously, he was an assistant professor at the University of Michigan Law School. He is also an adjunct professor at the University of Michigan School of Public Health in the Department of Health Management and Policy. At Wayne State, Professor Hammer has helped redesign the school's health law curriculum. His work focuses on the study of federal antitrust law and the legal issues surrounding changes in the health care industry.

Mark Pauly

Mark V. Pauly is Bendheim Professor in the Health Care Management Department at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania where he served as chair of the department. He received a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Virginia. He is professor of health care systems, insurance and risk management and business and public policy at the Wharton School and professor of economics in the School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania. He also serves as co-director of the Roy and and Diana Vagelows Program in Life Sciences and Management. Dr.

Mark Peterson

Mark A. Peterson is the chair of the Department of Public Policy and a professor of public policy, political science, and law at the UCLA Meyer and Renee Luskin School of Public Affairs. He previously held faculty appointments at Harvard University, including as the Henry LaBarre Jayne Associate Professor of Government, and the University of Pittsburgh, with joint appointments in the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, Department of Political Science, and Graduate School of Public Health.

James Robinson

James C. Robinson is the Leonard D. Schaeffer Professor of Health Economics, director of the Berkley Center for Health Technology and head of the Division of Health Policy and Management at the University of California, Berkeley. Previously, he was editor-in-chief of Health Affairs, the policy journal of the health sphere. His research focuses on medical groups, hospital systems, health insurance, health care consumerism, and capital finance. Dr. Robinson has published over 75 papers in peer-reviewed journals and two books through the University of California Press.