Social Psychology

James House

James S. House is Angus Campbell Distinguished University Professor of Survey Research, Public Policy and Sociology at the Institute for Social Research and research professor in the department of epidemiology at the University of Michigan. Previously, he was the director of the Survey Research Center in the Institute for Social Research, professor and former chair of the department of sociology, and senior research scientist. He received his Ph.D.

James Jackson

James S. Jackson is the Daniel Katz Distinguished University Professor of Psychology, professor of health behavior and health education in the School of Public Health, and director and research professor of the Institute for Social Research. He has recently been appointed a Visiting Scholar for the Russell Sage Foundation. He is the past chair of the social psychology training program and director of the Research Center for Group Dynamics, the Program for Research on Black Americans, and the Center for Afroamerican and African Studies, all at the University of Michigan.

Sherman James

Sherman A. James is a research professor in both the Emory University School of Public Health and College of Arts and Sciences. Perviously he was the Susan B. King Distinguished Professor of Public Policy in the Sanford School of Public Policy and professor of sociology and community and family medicine at Duke University. Prior to joining Duke University, he taught in the epidemiology departments at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (1973-89) and at the University of Michigan (1989-03). At Michigan, he was the John P.

Bruce Kennedy

Bruce Kennedy was a former assistant professor of health and social behavior at the Harvard School of Public Health. He passed away on January 3, 2008. His Investigator Award project with co-investigator Ichiro Kawachi, M.D., Ph.D. resulted in the publication of three books and more than 15 articles in journals including the American Journal of Public Health, Social Science and Medicine, and the British Medical Journal. Dr. Kennedy received his doctorate in developmental psychology from Harvard University, an M.Ed. in clinical psychology from Antioch University, and B.A.

David Smith

David Barton Smith is Research Professor in the Center for Health Equality and the Department of Health Management and Policy (and Emeritus Professor in the Risk, Insurance and Healthcare Management Department in the Fox School of Business and Management at Temple University). He has previously held faculty positions at the Cornell Graduate School of Management and the Department of Community Medicine at the University of Rochester. He has also served as an IPA fellow in the Office of Research and Policy at CMS. Professor Smith received his Ph.D.