Population Health

Peter Arno

Dr. Peter S. Arno is a health economist, as well as a senior fellow and director of Health Policy Research at the Political Economy Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and a distinguished fellow at the City University of New York Institute for Health Equity. Dr. Arno was a professor of Health Policy at New York Medical College and the founding director of its doctoral program in Health Policy and Management and the Center for Long Term Care Research & Policy. Previously, Dr.

Sandro Galea

Dr. Galea is Boston University's Robert A. Knox Professor and the current dean of the School of Public Health. In the past, he was the Anna Cheskis Gelman and Murray Charles Gelman Professor and chair of the Department of Epidemiology at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health. Dr. Galea is a physician and an epidemiologist, who is interested in the social production of health of urban populations. His work explores innovative cells-to-society approaches to population health questions.

Sherman James

Sherman A. James is a research professor in both the Emory University School of Public Health and College of Arts and Sciences. Perviously he was the Susan B. King Distinguished Professor of Public Policy in the Sanford School of Public Policy and professor of sociology and community and family medicine at Duke University. Prior to joining Duke University, he taught in the epidemiology departments at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (1973-89) and at the University of Michigan (1989-03). At Michigan, he was the John P.

George Kaplan

George A. Kaplan is the Thomas Francis Collegiate Emeritus Professor of Public Health in the School of Public Health, and founder of the Center for Social Epidemiology and Population Health, all at the University of Michigan. He is also a docent at the University of Kuopio in Finland, and was an associate in the Population Health Program of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research until its end. Dr. Kaplan also directed the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health and Society Scholars Program at the University of Michigan.

Alberto Palloni

Demographer and sociologist Alberto Palloni is Samuel H. Preston Professor of Sociology, Emeritus at the Center for Demography and Ecology at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Previously he was Board of Trustees Professor in Sociology and a Faculty Fellow at the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University. Prior to that, he was H. Edwin Young Professor of International Studies and Sociology, also at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He holds a Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Washington and a joint B.A./B.S. from the Catholic University of Chile. Dr.

Rodrick Wallace

Rodrick Wallace, a research scientist at the New York State Psychiatric Institute, received a B.S. in mathematics and a Ph.D. in physics from Columbia University, and was subsequently tutored in ecosystem analysis by Deborah. A recipient of an Investigator Award in Health Policy Research from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which led to the publishing of his 1999 book, A Plague on Your Houses: How New York Was Burned Down and National Public Health Crumbed.

Mary Waters

MARY C. WATERS is the M.E. Zukerman Professor and former chair of Sociology at Harvard University, where she is also a faculty associate and steering committee member of the Center for Population and Development Studies and a member of the Executive Committee of the Robert Wood Johnson Scholars in Health Policy Program. She has taught at Harvard since she received her PhD from U.C. Berkeley in 1986.