Book from Carol Ashton and Nelda Wray Examines Comparative Effectiveness Research

New Book from Carol Ashton and Nelda Wray Examines Comparative Effectiveness Research

Investigator pair Carol Ashton, MD, MPH and Nelda Wray, MD, MPH co-authored a book resulting from their 2007 Investigator Award project research.  Published in 2013 by Oxford University Press, Comparative Effectiveness Research: Evidence, Medicine, and Policy is the first book that examines comparative effectiveness research (CER) in the light of its specific inclusion in the Affordable Care Act.

“Getting caught up in health care reform is probably the reason CER exists today,” Wray stated in a recent presentation at the 2013 Investigator Awards Annual Meeting.  Within the last few years interest in CER has culminated in Section 6310 of the Affordable Care Act which establishes the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute to examine comparative clinical effectiveness research.

Wray has summarized the findings of CER so far as “the one thing it proves is there is no evidence.”  Their book examines the “secret” state of current evidence as well as the policy history and analysis that, despite the current state, brought this type of health research to the forefront.

The authors believe that the way forward for CER is to create policies that acknowledge the vast uncertainties in medicine.  “Research and medical practice cannot continue to be done in different spaces,” Ashton cautions. 

From the publisher:

“Based on exhaustive research and first-hand interviews, the authors examine where CER fits in the production of scientific evidence about the benefits and harms of treatments for human diseases and conditions. Their work offers sobering confirmation that contemporary American medical care falls, not surprisingly, well short of the evidence-based ideal.”

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